Help wanted ! HR3 shoulder strap


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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a shoulder strap for troops HR3.
I need 1 piece, but a pair is also fine.
It is to complete my Attila
I know it's a very difficult item, but hope someone can help me..
Thanks in advance, Sander


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I am a shoulder strap collector so I am pretty sure that I have an M1915 strap for H R 3
but to part with one I would have to have 2 of them , otherwise a void in my collection .
I need to check and see .Your strap appears to have a metal number .I think that I had heard that a medal number
means the soldier was a reserve .So are you looking for an M1915 H R 3 with metal number ?
That makes it even harder .I don't know the strap collectors in Europe except for one .
Here in the States there are these collectors who might have the strap that you look for .
Mike Kelso
Mike Ross
Burke Fountain
Chip Minx who had a large collection of straps .He has passed away
so I have not heard what his children will do with his collection.
He for sure would have an M1915 H R 3
Also there is Tony S. . He has a very large collection but not sure if
he collects M 1915 H R straps
these are the only leads that I know to give you
If you P M me I can give you the email address of Mike Kelso
He wrote the book on shoulder straps

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If I recall, metal numbers and cyphers were on M10 straps, braid numbers and cyphers on M15 straps.

But I am sitting in my truck going off memory.


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Sander ; I got it and sent a reply .I think that I used the incorrect term
P M is for Facebook I think

Tony without Kaiser

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Sander I thought your Attila was an M10? Then that would be the correct strap.

But you have a challenge. Husaren Feldgrau straps of any type are very hard to find. I have only one M10: HR9 with brass numbers like yours.