History buff builds 100-metre replica World War One trench in British wood


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If I owned land I'd think of doing something like this... and then I wouldn't because my wife wouldn't let me.

History buff builds 100-metre replica World War One trench in British wood


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Our local county museum has built a trench for educational purposes. When I took my students, there was also a re-enactor present in WW1 CEF uniform to provide information.


The guy who built that is on loads of history programs here, strangely I was watching him on the Great War By Numbers this afternoon, that was on a recording from Sky. I think its made it to YouTube now, its interesting to see the war by numbers over 1.1 million MG made, 28billion letters and postcards sent, 2billions shells fired and so on..........


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Sadly as soon as the septic tank was pumped and the sewer line was replaced, Maggie made me back fill the trench.

This was a previous attempt to have a replica trench was many years ago when we put a water line across the farm, the trench was 1/2 mile long, way more than 100 meters, and we had to blast through 300 feet of rock and if you look in the back ground past the coffee cup stain you can see the after effects of the blast.

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Andy Robertshaw is quite an interesting fellow.

He's been a guest speaker many times at the COBWFA (Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front Association). A very engaging, well informed and entertaining public speaker and a thoroughly pleasant person to have a beer with.

He's published a book about living in the front lines entitled "24 Hour Trench".