How did Emperor Wilhelm II. live? - Rooms of the Berlin City-Palace


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Dear fellow Forum-Members,
I‘d like to invite you to see the results of my latest project - The rooms of the former royal Palace (City-Palace) of Berlin.
Room-Picture-Library of the Berlin City-Palace
I‘ve spent some time and cataloged all the online-photos, that show the interior of the former Berlin City-Palace, in a room-library. In the end there were over thousand photos I‘ve assigned to the various rooms. In doing so, I was also able to re-identify a few rooms and it‘s location in the palace.
The result was the largest library of spatial images that I could find on the internet
I hope you enjoy viewing how Wilhelm II. lived before 1918 ... :)


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Thanks Sandy.
I had to register myself at, but I think I will be busy viewing all the pictures there!
You certainly made a lot of work doing all this, thanks!

Regards, Coert.


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Thank you Coert. Yes it took some time, but I am a fan of his rebuilding the Humboldt-Forum. It was fantastic to see it grow but unfortunately there wasn’t a full galery where I could see what the rooms looked like and where were to find them. Just some rooms here and some rooms there, very confusing.
It was a fantastic building and so sad that it was destroyed. A report of the DDR-Gov shows that the City-Palace was less destroyed than the rebuilt Monbijou.
It was a purely act of terrorism which I equate with the destruction of the giant Buddha statues by the Taliban in 2001.
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O K I understand
I would love to see
so if you work something out
please let me know
In 2006 I was able to tour Haus Doorn
that was a life time treat for me
in spite of the fact that the display of K W II Military
was nothing like the display that I saw in photos
taken by collector friends in the 1980's 2006  Haus Doorn.jpeg
Best wishes