I Just Signed Up With The Devil (Photobucket


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I got an email from photobucket ( the devil ) and for $119.99 I can get my 3 party pictures back .

So I signed up and paid my money.

It is now 1/2 hour later and no pictures and the pop ups are relentless.

I just went back to photo bucket and for $2.49 a month I can get rid of the pop ups.

OH NO !!!!!!

What have I done ??????????????
SkipperJohn said:
pickelhauben said:
So I signed up and paid my money.


John :eek: :( :? :eek: :( :?

Well I have over 3,000 pictures out on quite a few forums.

I am big into making and selling military models and all of my builds are out there and got locked down.

Now I have been unlocked and everything looks to be kosher.
My perspective as a business reporter is that Photobucket probably made the right business decision. I know people really hated that they were locked out of their images, and Photobucket handled it badly. But the truth is that too often everyone expects EVERYTHING online to be free. The ad model didn't work for Photobucket and this was an example of a company that was doomed because of its success. The bigger it got the LESS money it made.

No one was clicking the ads, and ads are still proving to be a horrible revenue stream unless you're Google. Search engines make money from ads because they can sell the top placement. But for Photobucket the ad model was crashing. Photobucket was in a word doomed.

I know this sucked for everyone who had their images locked out, but I see that Photobucket had no choice. I'm glad to see that it has come up with what is a much fairer pricing plan. $120 for a year isn't really that bad. Someone has to pay. Image hosting is really expensive if you don't have your own servers.