Improved Website content “Development history of the Pickelhaube in Prussia“


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Dear friends,
I tried to improve the mentioned content on my website for the english speaking community and translated also the german reference texts into english. I hope you understand that this happened without much control by a translation program. I had to retype the whole text into German, because the Fraktur-font recognition programs were unfortunately not very good and I didn't want to type the text into English again afterwards. Especially since some source texts were several pages long.
Also, I've reduced the size of the attached images, but I hope the texts are still legible. It would be nice if you could let me know when an image is too small and should be enlarged.
Hope you‘ll like it, so enjoy :)

Development history of the Pickelhaube in Prussia


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Fantastic Sandy,
Very well done!!! Just had a quick glance and I'm really impressed :D I will read it calmly when I have more time.
Thank you for making this effort, much appreciated.


Sandy- this is awesome, I truly appreciate the work you put into this for us English speaking people that struggle with translations!

simply incredable



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Thank you gentlemen, I really appreciate it :)
I have been thinking about translating the sources into English for a long time, because my website should be bilingual and I am mainly part of our nice, international Pickelhauben community. But the mountain of work paralyzed my motivation again and again. Anyway, most of it is finally done 🤩 I might check out the rest of the blog posts as well, but this one was the most important for me.

Jeff R

Wow. This is a mind-bogglingly useful resource, and an enormous labor of love. Thank you for sharing your incredibly work Sandy! (I love your site design too, BTW).


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Many thanks to all of you, it's nice when your own efforts are rewarded so positively by interested fellow collectors.
It is a special honor and pleasure for me to be mentioned on Tony's website, because my interest in this wonderful hobby started with kaisersbunker and I got infected with the Pickelhauben virus there 😇 Thank you Tony🙏