Infantry Regiment 2 Naussauiches Nr. 88 Private Purchase


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Here is a very interesting wappen. The standard for bandeau wappen identification has always been that for officer wappens the bandeaus are soldered on and that EM wappens are always of 1 piece stamped construction that included the bandeau. In this case the wappen breaks the general rule and it is stamped officer's wappen. You can tell it's of officer quality by the fine detailing, voided crown and officer nut and screw mountings. This wappen belongs to the helmet that our Sorcerer Brian is bringing back from the dead! He is truly an artist!



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Excellent photos John and another rare wappen shown here on the forum. Helmet is almost ready, I plan on shipping it out this week. I will be in touch and thank you for the praise of my work! 👍

Tony without Kaiser

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Quite rare and desirable Wappen. Very uncommon to see an issue pattern one-piece stamped Wappen with pierced crown. I have only seen this a few times and wondered if they were actually issue Wappens with the crowns drilled out.