Issuing what ever was left over in June 1918


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This is extremely unusual. The sign on the wall indicates that this is a peacetime issuing facility, and then it is dated for two days in June 1918. There is an incredible mix of helmets. My best guess is that these guys were issued what ever was in store in June of 1918 as part of the very last class going into training. There are Prussian helmets, Baden helmets, one from Württemberg and one from JR 88! There is also one with a broken Prussian eagle. It is not clear what exactly this is however, they are young enough to be from the class of 1920.

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Interesting mix of tunics and pants as well. This may seem a bit odd, buit are those pouches for the first aide or are they the earlier style pre 1909?
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You would think they would have at least one Bluse to issue. You gotta wonder where they dug this stuff up.

The cartridge boxes appear to be M1895s.