Jäger zu Pferd helmets for officers


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Dear fellow collectors,
when I read something about the helmets of JzP officers, it is always written that they were made of "blackened steel, but polished steel helmets were tolerated". Without any clear rule.
In the Prussian dress code for officers of 1899, only blackened helmets are mentioned, with no exceptions. But in the „Armee-Verordnungsblatt“ of 1897 (page 263) and 1913 (page 175) there are mentioned "blackened and polished" steel helmets. Unfortunately also without further information when which version was worn.
Anyway, since both variants are listed in the „Armee-Verordnungsblatt“ and both variants demonstrably existed, I cannot imagine that polished steel helmets were only "tolerated".
That's why I would like to ask if anyone knows of any other interesting sources on this topic or if anyone has more detailed information on this?
I look forward to your comments and opinions.

(Source: Armee-Verordnungs-Blatt 1897, page 263)
(Source: Armee-Verordnungs-Blatt 1913, page 175)


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Thank you for bringing up this subject. As a beginner in the fine art of collecting Pickelhauben, I look forward to the comments of the more experienced and learned members of the forum.
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