Jager Battalion 11 Ensemble, 1907/10 Cap(named), postcard and 1915 Pattern Shako with Cover

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Rather nice cap for Oberjager in Bttl. 11. Name and unit written on the underside of the peak. Postcard with cap for two members of bttl11,

Shako 1915 pattern with correct cockade and national cockade in situ. No unit stamps but date stamped. No chin strap sorry. Comes with cover for battalion 11 but not 100% convinced its original so sold as a copy unless otherwise corrected

Open to trades or £1200 all in.



11th Prussian Jäger Battalion (Electoral Hessian)
The Prussian Kurhessisches Jäger-Batallion Nr.11 traced its origins back to 1813 in the the different Jäger and Schützen companies of the Electorate of Hessen-Cassel and the Principality of Nassau. These units became the Hessisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 11 of the Prussian army in 1867 when Hessen-Cassel and Nassau were annexed by Prussia following the their defeat in the Austro-Prussian War.

The new battalion saw action in the Franco-Prussian War at the battles of Wörth and Sedan. To celebrate the Triple Alliance of 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, Queen Margarita of Italy was made honorary colonel-in-chief of the battalion in 1897.

In 1914 they were garrisoned at Marburg and formed part of the XI Army Corps. During the First World War they took part in the Invasion of Belgium, then were deployed on the Eastern Front until the collapse of the Russian Empire when they were transferred back to the Western Front in time for the Springs Offensives of 1918.

Uniform Distinctions
Shako Plate:Yellow metal Prussian Line eagle with FR monogram on the breast
State Cockade:Prussian (black/white/black)
Oval Shako Cockade:Prussian (white/black)
Capband and Piping:Red
Tunic Buttons:Yellow metal
Shoulder Straps:Red with yellow crowned M monogram for Queen Margarita of Italy. This was replaced with a yellow number 11 after Italy joined the First World War against Germany
Cuffs:Swedish style in red
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more pictures.....email if interested and I'll send them across.

Please private message me with your e mail address.
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looking to trade for either Hesse or Baden Pickelhaube. cheers Tony
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