Jager King's Prizes


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I am trying to build up a collection of Kaiser & King shooting prizes .
Infantry ; Artillery ; Jager and Machine gun .
Here are the 2 Jager Kings prizes that I found at the S O S 2022.
Also the start of my display
SteveJager Kings Prizes.JPGJager prizes March 1 2022.JPG

Steve Nick

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I've yet to see a King's Jager on offer and you've managed to find three of them!

I'm envious of the two MG Prizes. There are only ten winners in total so you have an example of 20% of them! A King's MG Prize as you know is quite rare.

Interesting to see the two different dies being used for the King's Jagers. The one in the centre has all three of the stags tines connected to the crown while the others have only one tine connected.

Thanks for posting them.


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Steve ;
Thanks for your comments
You are correct about the antlers
I hope that we can do more on the subject
at a later date


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Here is the "double award" one on my Garde - Jäger senior NCO tunic.

And one on my Garde - Schützen photo album.
Another super addition to the thread
I have never seen a double date Jager prize
thank you for the photo
the 1910 example on your photo album
Is it full size ?


Steve, yes the example on the cover is a full issue badge.

The album is filled with group and individual photos of troops wearing their Kaiserabzeichen.


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