KAGGR Nr. 1 Officers - Moscow 1898


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I thought this rather nice grouping of Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1 officers would be of interest. I came across the photo in a Russian language military magazine (Zeughaus) which had it captioned as a group of officers of KAGGR Nr. 1 at Theatre Square in Moscow in May 1896.The date was clearly wrong as all of these gentlemen are wearing the 1897 Prussian centenary medal. A bit of digging around revealed the occasion, the officers pictured and date: 28 August 1898 at Theatre Square Moscow for the unveiling ceremony of the memorial to Emperor Alexander II.

From right to left: Oberst Helmut v. Moltke (later Generaloberst and Chief of Staff), Regimental commander and Flügeladjutant.
Major Carl Hoyer v. Rotenheim, commanding the Füsilier-Bataillon and later Commandant of Berlin.
Hauptmann Paul v. Uthmann, company commander 9./GGR 1.
Premier-Lieutenant Wilhelm v. Türk.
Premier-Lieutenant Bernd v. Bismarck, Regimental adjutant.
Seconde-Lieutenant Curt v. Beerfelde (a WW1 Regimental commander and pour le mérite winner).




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Glenn ;
SUPER photo !
Thanks for posting

I collect photos also
and I would pay a pretty penny
for an original of that photo

Not sure that I have ever seen such a good ,
clear shot of an officer wearing the officer's
Fusilier Batl. miter



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Still from a 'realistic viewpoint" a ridiculous form of headdress. I can not imagine wearing one, even on parade. The chin scales must have been cinched uptight in order to hold the darn thing on one's head. It would also affect posture in a good military way, as your back and head would have to be ramrod straight in order to keep the thing upright. Oh well, I am too short to have been a grenadier anyways so no worries for me. :)