Kaiser reviewing Guard troops


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These pictures pop up on ebay for $10 and it's hard to resist. Really good details in this. The standard to the front left is spectacular. Wouldn't one of those look good on your wall? Looks like lot's of high-ranking personages to ID in this one. The gentleman with the top hat in the left rear is different. Any ideas on which unit it is? Enjoy!



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Hi Glenn, I'm curious if you can identify any of the officer's with the Kaiser in this photo.



it is a super photograph but frankly the resolution is still too low to positively identify most of the subjects. Generalfeldmarschall von Boch und Polach can be seen just above the eagle of the Schellenbaum. Generaladjutant Hans von Plessen is mounted just in front of the Imperial standard. The mounted field officer to the Kaiser’s left is not a Guards officer so presumably the entourage are reviewing a line infantry regiment. I will study this further.



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Here is a photo that I have of GFM von Boch und Polach .As always Glenn's I D is 100 % correct .
I also have a single of his shoulder strap to Infantry Regt. 55 .Years ago there was an estate sale in Germany
that had his things for sale .A German dealer bought his cased GFM baton ,Both of them ; dress baton and Dienst .
I got his sword cased from Ray Zyla of Mohawk Arms , presented to the GFM G F M von B and P.jpeg as he left his position as Commander of the Prussian Garde Corp .
G F M I R 55.jpeg


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Thanks Glenn! Your ability to identify these guys is incredible! Nice photos Steve. That sword must be incredible!