Kaiser's Bunker Dunkelblau Shoulder Straps

mike kelso

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Tony, very impressive. The group pictures of your collection will lead each specific chapter. Your support to the book project has been above the call. Thank you. Mike

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I can't stop looking at these photos, never seen anything like that before. What I notice most, is I count 16 mannequins, all of which look to be uncommon and like new condition? :-? And I think that is only part of your room? :cry:


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Words cannot adequately express what a truly amazing quality collection you have brought together over the years. It is a quality captured here on the forum that will reside long after our exploration dates come due.
Your collection provides an amazing snapshot of the story about the German Imperial States' complicated configuration. These pictures of shoulder boards, uniforms, and pickelhaube, shows the individual German States pride and Esprit De Corps brought together from the founding of the German Empire in January 1871 in Versailles to its capitulation in November 1918.
Thank you for sharing your collection with the forum and the world.
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