Kaiser's Bunker Guide to Imperial German Cartridge Casings

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Kaiser's Bunker Guide to Imperial German Cartridge Casings is now open.

Each cartridge casing is photographed in detail, with full explanations as well as some background information on the cannons that fired them. Over 250 photographs including some rare period images of Imperial German cannons. To place size into context, each cartridge casing is photographed with high quality Imperial German Artillery headgear.

If anyone finds mistakes, please email me so I can make the correction. I want this to be a useful and helpful reference section, so it has to be as error-free as possible.

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Grüße von Patronenfabrik Fredericton Kanada, Tony

I'll echo the BRAVO! BRAVO! Work well done. Information you could'nt find without spending too many hours? years?? to find, now at our finger tips thanks to you!! Cheers Dick
Tony: Very professional research and presentation that will definitely benefit anyone interested in artillery from the World War I era. Thank you for your work.

Congratulations Tony on this landmark achievement! You've truly set the standard bar high, and made a huge contribution to collectors around the world! Fantastic! :thumb up: :bravo:

All the Best,

Now I'm also getting interested in artillery... Thanks for this great reference Tony!

WELL DONE TONY! I love the 'pipe organ' you posted on this thread.

Y'know, after 13 years in the artillery, I don't have a single casing from the guns I've fired... oh wait, they were all bagged charges. Sorry, couldn't resist! :p I DO have one from my tanker days and the primer from my last mission as a Paladin section chief.

What a stunning collection!

:D Ron
Man, that photo of the LFK 96 A/a firing off a round is stunning! I love looking at the section doing their tasks and such. Very nice indeed!

:D Ron