Kinder GDK or GDC groups


Brian was kind enough to start this section for me to show off my Kinder collection, and I am hoping others will jump in with any of theirs.

I am starting of with Garde De Korps pieces that I have.

One of the things that really amazes me on a lot of the kinder stuff is the level of quality that can be seen, and also the mixture of real parts that are often seen on them like Kokarden and Chinscales etc.

Thanks for looking more to come.



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I really like the sense of detail on those Kinder items!
Years ago, at a collectors fair here, I saw an IOD 89 sword for sale, also a Kinder item.
Didn't buy it though.. #-o


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Looking forward to it James! Carry now have your own special piece of the forum! :thumb up:

Steve Nick

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Very nice! The coolest kid on the block. Although I suspect the owner didn't live on any suburban block.

Do you know who the manufacturer was?


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Good question...are there any manufacturers marks on these Kinder pieces? The Germans at the turn of the century were famous for their stamped metal toys and we know about the Bruders Bing ersatz tin helmets.


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James, what an awesome collection! I've been interested in Kinder/child stuff (all nations and eras) for a long time, but haven't seriously collected. I recently bought what I would consider a knight's play armor set that was retailed by FAO Schwarz sometime between 1910 and 1931, and is stamped "Germany" in several places. It doesn't exactly fit what I'm interested in but I couldn't pass it up. The breastplate looks like it's the same stamping as your first one on this post (with different details). Have you seen the 1911 FAO Schwarz catalog? Yours is there, for $4.75.


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