Kinder Swords


A couple members have mentioned they have Kinder swords, which is a whole other collecting field out there.

As with other Kinder items the quality is all over the board.

Below are 3 examples of mine showing on top the most basic, going to more deluxe as we go, again, it all depends on what the soldier wanted to pay for his kids.

All three show the rounded blunted tips for the kids safety, however I have seen kinder swords with pointed tips as well.

the third sword on the bottom even has a lightly etched blade.



stuka f

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I used to have some in my previous collection....
I do have children uniform effects, but sadly no Imperial German one's....


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Hi James,

Very nice examples! Thanks for posting them! :thumb up: =D>

I found an OD 89 kinder example back in the early 80's near where I grew up, with the guard star on the grip, but unfortunately I sold it.

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