Kurrasier Regt Konigin (Pommersches) Nr. 2 NCO Private Purchase


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For reference purposes I am adding my Kurrasier Regt Konigin (Pommersches) Nr. 2 NCO Private Purchase wappen which is of officer quality. Notice the silver solder on the posts. Also note the horizontal scoring on the bandeau letters. I assume this was so the paint adhered better to the wappen.



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Uber rare wappen! Thank you very much John, for removing this and posting such great photos. The wappen on these unique regimental helmets makes up a great deal of their value and the detail is amazing!

Tony without Kaiser

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Very nice indeed. You can see where his other Wappen can have Bandeau added easily and soldered on, however, the Wappen for this Regiment is always a one piece stamping because it more or less is the entire bottom half.