Latest Braunschweiger grouping


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James ;
Very nice little group
I especially like the little oval photo
of the H R 17 reserve soldier
For many years among early collectors
there has been the question
of what 2 of the H R reserve front plates
would look like
1. H R 15
2. H R 17

your little photo sure answers the H R 17 question
It you ever sold that little piece
I sure would be interested

I like the little veterans pieces
I have a small collection of them

for the post and the photos



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I have this same style wappen mounted on an Officer's pickelhauben with cross spike base. It is mounted on a custom type plate with NO crown and the wappen has NO crown either.

The helmet is marked on the left side of the rear visor with the Gents name written in script with 1890-1921 written on the right side.

I grabbed the wrong picture ](*,)

The medal on the far left is like the one on my helmet.

Devoid of the crown.


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It could be 1890-1926.

Can any of you all make out the gents name?

I would love to get the history on this helm.

An old Vet wanting to hold onto his memories perhaps

The interior is almost pristine . The outside shows it's age .

Looks like the old fellow did not were it much.

30-40 years in the service.



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Very nice helmet. I see that the wappen eagle is the same design as found on the Rhineland fire officer helmets. The cruciform spike and convex scales is also the same. The big difference of course is that the fire helmes have neusilber fittings. The lack of a crown on the eagle is a clear statement that the "monarchy" is gone. :thumb up: