Leib Garde Husaren Regiment


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I wanted to do a post on the Leib Garde Husaren Regiment .
Here is a photo back when I had 3 examples in the collection .
I still own the private purchase bear fur example on the left .
It is officer quality with the special fangschnur .
The Garde star is a 3 - D effect and is cut out .
very different from the normal, flat Garde star on enlisted
issue pieces.
The other 2 otter fur examples when in trade to
Jacques Pries who is now the Prussian Garde Cavalry collector .

Question ;
Does anyone know of another regiment within the
Imperial German Armee where the enlisted man front plate
is a different color than the officers ?
Or does anyone know why it is that way with the L G H R ?
enlisted ; brass or gilt color
officer silver




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Older photos from pre digital days
but shows the special parade bush for the L G R H officers .
Also better views of the special fangschnur for the
enlisted men of the L G H R .