M.1868 Raupenhelm


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When I first came across this helmet I was rather turned off by the style of it and thought i would resell it instead of adding it to my collection. After I put it on the shelf it rather grew on me. Especially if it is displayed at an angle.

This is a nice example of an enlisted private purchase Raupenhelm with a silk liner.



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I can do that. But before I do, what exactly are you looking for?

Sure, I'm looking to see how the Raup is mounted to the helmet, and you can only tell from the inside without having it in hand.

My first impression is that you have an Officers helmet that has had an enlisted man's style Raup added to it at some point. Every single component of the helm is Officers, the cockade, the chinstrap, lining ect ect except the Wool Raup.

This is common as many of the original Black Bear skin Raups are lost to the ravages of time mostly insects.

The helmet is in nice condition (y)
Thanks John for the explanation. I feel you.may be correct as it appears that there was something else mounted at one time. Plus the single washer used currently does not seem to provide much support for something so bulky. There is also a stamp that seems to be the manufacturer.


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