M15 Prussian E.M. Pickelhaube w/Rare Non-Removable Steel Spike & original kokardes


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Offered is a very nice condition Model 1915 Prussian Enlisted pattern Pickelhaube. This helmet has the very seldom seen steel non-removable spike.

Size 56 marked. It is maker marked as shown in the inside rear dome of the helmet, just behind the round metal support disk. I can't make out who the maker is stamped in 2-lines, and haven't spent the time looking at Colonel J's website to figure out who the maker is.

All stitching is tight and original to the helmet.

The finish on the exterior of the helmet is in super nice condition, with no cracking or crazing to the finish on the shell itself. There is a small area on the wearer's left side of head where the surface finish was scraped slightly, years ago, as seen in photos.

The Steel fittings have the grayish/silver color "painted" finish on them that we sometimes see on these M15's. All parts are steel and attract a magnet, except for the 4-domed split brads that hold the spike base onto the top of the helmet. They appear to have been in place since the helmet was brought back from WW1. I have added photos to show a blue refrigerator clip with a magnet attached to various iron fittings on the helmet.

No extra holes for attaching the front plate, only the 2-original brass grommet ring holes are in the helmet body.

The nut for the back spine on the underside of the back visor is brass, and not steel. It is original to the helmet, and has been on there since the wartime. The backspine is steel/iron.

The Two original leather wedges are intact that hold the front plate in place.

The steel M15 Prussian eagle wappen/front plate has had the small cross on the top of the orb broken off at some point a long time ago, as seen in my photos.

Both Kokardes are original wartime kokardes, and have not been re-painted or touched up, they are original and show wear and age.

The chinstrap is a modern reproduction, made of thinner black finished leather, and the strap has modern made iron/steel buckles and M95 attachment lugs on the ends of the chinstrap.

No unit markings that I could find anywhere.

Underside of back visor is named as seen in photos.

Black finished leather liner is still supple and all the leather tongues are present, as is the leather adjustment thong as seen in pics. The rear visor has some light crazing to it as seen in photos.

Helmet will make a very nice display piece for any collection!

Price: $700 in USA 48-States with Free Priority Mail Shipping. Will consider reasonable offers.

Here's my email contact to use if the email system here doesn't work: [email protected]

Shipment to Canada: $30 via 1st Class International Mail.

Shipment to UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany: $50 via 1st Class International Mail. If you want Priority Mail with Tracking it will cost $65 total to Europe.

Payment via PayPal is O.K. I prefer "friends & family" or add 4% to cover the fee.




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More Photos of Helmet.




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