M1915 Feldgrau enlisted man's Hussar

The fit of the kolpack is so thigh that so far I have not removed it
In the case of TonyS.'s example at the Kaiser's Bunker
His has a regt stamped into the top of the Hussar body ( H R 16 )
yesterday I had a visit from a good collector friend
So , we were looking over some helmets that I had added
to my collection since his last visit
One was my M1915 Hussar
I got up the nerve to remove the tight fitting kolpack
I had hope to find a kammer issue stamp like Tony S. has
No luck , only a size 55 stamped into the top
SteveM1915 Hussar size 55.jpeg
It was still worth looking wasn’t it? Just be lucky it didn’t have a stamp


But you would know that by this point. Again congratulations Steve on a rather difficult fur hat to find.
If they would start to make them that good , I would head for the woods