M73 Ulanen Sabel


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After the Franco-Prussian war the Uhlans were re-equipped with a new saber type that was made from captured French chasseur saber blades. The handles were replaced and the blades were shortened.
The French Manufacturers mark and proofs are still present
This one has an interesting unit marking. Originally marked to 3GU (script H) 17 I'm told that the script H was an indicator for the Handwerker-Abteilung. Artisans that maintained the equipment. The German proofs are on the Ricasso instead of the spine
Early UR 13 Reservistenbild (Kaiser Wilhelm 1 is still young in this...I think it is probably from the 1870's or early 1880's at latest.) You can see the M73 Ulanen Saber with the green faustriemen for the 5th squadron

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I can see why you have this in your collection, not only is it a very interesting example, but also for UR13, which appears to be of great interest to you Bob. As Artillery interest me, the R.A.M. is interesting being for Reserve Artillerie Munitionskolonne if I am correct.

Are there signs of the second lower ring being removed on the scabbard as per the 1906 regulations?


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I've got 2 of these. The one with the RAM mark doesn't have a scabbard. The other is shown here....It's marked 4 RAF 2.51 (Reserve Foot Artillery). It has a scabbard with matching marks. The scabbard also shows old unit marks. One of which is for 5 UR (5.U.4.102.) I think this was probably the original unit that had this scabbard so it must have had a second ring at one point. There are no signs on the scabbard, but it appears as if it had some heavy rust that got removed...that may have wiped them away. When the KD89's came out they repurposed these for Artillery and support troops, similar to the Blucher sabers.

If I'm correct about my relative being a member of the 13 UR (see my avatar), this would have been the type of saber he was issued. (1872-1882 would have been his service years). The photo is from a Reservistenbild of the 15th Uhlan Regiment in 1883 that shows an M73.