Making an "all ersatz" thread?



Have you gentlemen considered turning the ersatz filz/felt thread into a thread that covers all variations of ersatz helmets? It looks like there are only two topics in this filz thread at this time.

I ask because this is a topic that really stirs my interests. There are so many variations of tin, felt, vulcanfibre, paper, cork, or combinations of these that a thread of this type would be extremely interesting.

I have noticed that quite a few folks chime in to topics covering ersatz variations. They seem to be very popular.

I have a hard time finding subject matter covering ersatz helmets sometimes when trying to remember where on the site that I saw them in the past. If older and future ersatz threads were moved to one place, I would think it would be a fairly popular part of the site. Not sure if the other forum members agree...

With my 30+ years in the Corps almost over, and back from Okinawa, I will be getting my pickelhaubes out of storage next month. Im going to post some photos of my ersatz helmets and some rear neck guard unit markings for Joe's data base.

Semper Fi,


Tony without Kaiser

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What if I just rename the filz/felt Forum to Ersatz Helme?

Then all the Filz are already there and any Ersatz Helme (tin, felt, vulcanfibre, paper, cork, pasta) can be added and they will all be in the same Forum thread.

If Brian is ok with that it would take me five seconds. Then I can do a hunt and move any Ersatz threads into that Forum. No problem.

Bryan thank you for your long and dedicated service to your country.


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Sounds like an excellent idea to me, please go for it T. Great to have you back with us Bryan, I look forward to seeing your collection! :thumb up:



Once I figure out posting pictures, I will post an ersatz I just picked up.

And Tony, I didn't know you were the Mod for this section. And I appreciate the sentiments from an old tanker, Captain Schnurr. :greentank:




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Hi Tony,

Feel free to move my posts of erzats helmets to this section, I posted a tin and a felt one some time ago, in the new found topic, and other topics here on the forum. Nice idea doing this, so every ersatz can be found and seen in a special topic for them.

Happy Easter and thanks!

Greetings, Coert :thumb up: