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Peter B

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I just wanted remark on how valuable this forum is for us helping each other.

Thanks to the members I discovered I actually had a mis-badged Saxon helmet, which was a nice surprise. Then within a very short time I had a Saxon Wappen coming to me from one member and I was able to help someone complete another helmet with the Bavarian Wappen. And I have shrapnel coming from another member that will hopefully match the shrapnel dent/hole in one of my Bavarian helmets (straight from Ypres).

So in the mail right now there is a Saxon Wappen en route from Minnesota USA to Ontario Canada, a Bavarian Wappen en route from Ontario Canada to California USA, and some shrapnel en route from Belgium/Holland to Ontario Canada.

Thanks James, USN (Will) and Coert!

Love this site! Really puts one in the Christmas spirit. (And of course a great place to buy Christmas present form each other.....:))


P.S. And of course thanks Amy and Brian for other help in the past and all members who have answered my many questions.
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stuka f

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That is what is great to this (and so many other forums!).
Many thanks from me too, to all who helped me so far as well!
They will recognize them self.


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I have also been helped out with many questions I had, picked up loads of knowledge here, and most (but not all) of my helmets were bought from members here, at really friendly prices. I even managed to find back a helmet I sold years ago back again, via a member here.
If I would have bought my helmets from dealers, I would have paid way more $ for them.

I hope the shrapnel balls wil arrive soon at your place Peter. 👍
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I'll gladly second that sentiment. Everyone mentioned in this thread (including the posters) has helped me at some time and I will add Woytek, Michael, Wayne, Drew and of course Brian and Tony, who are the backbone of the group. Thanks to all.