Mitre Parade Helmets


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Great posts and photos Steve! I am very happy for you that now, you have mastered the "photo post" process which proves that us old dogs can learn some new tricks. :thumb up:


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Brian ;
Thank you !
Throw the old dog a bone will you ?
I also got Jim T. to post his photos
so we got 2 for 1



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as promised here are photos of the inside of my 2 enlisted KAGGR 1 / Fusilier Batl miters
the 1st shown is Fusilier Werner 9 Kp Regt Alexander
the inside of this miter has a type of fiber
2nd miter is N C O Schauer 11 Kp with the complete name of the regiment on his tag
as you can see this interior is formed metal

The Fusilier Batl miters had eagles on the sides as opposed to the bombs on
the Grenadier Miters
also the chin scales are attached in a different manner



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Lovely stuff. Unteroffizier, Hoboist Hubert Grunert was certainly serving in the band of the Alexander Regiment in 1913. He is shown as a Bariton (1. Violine) and living at Auguststraße 64, Berlin in the 1913 edition of the Militär-Musiker Ädreßbuch.



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Hello Glenn ;
Many thanks !

What can I say ?
You are the man .

When I first saw this for sale some many years ago
I said to myself ; O K go ahead and take a chance
I suspected it would be just a regular miter
that someone stuck a red puschel on
but it arrived and I saw the name tag
and I knew it was the real deal
but now you have placed the whipped cream and the cherry
on top after all these years
Great info for me to have
That news , as they say ; Makes my day
Thanks again