My smallest canon kaliber

stuka f

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After showing my biggest one's, here is my smallest (Ø 8 cm ).

I don't think there is smaller then this one, to fit a canon ...correct me if I am wrong.

As I see it this was just the propulsing charge who got loaded from behind , and the projectile still was loaded thru the front of the muzzle...(?).


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Peter B

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These sort of qualify but I would say more large bore machine gun. Picking them up later today.

German WWI “Pom Pom” rounds.

Nice display Stuka.


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stuka f

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Ok, Tony!
Thanks again.
Did you see my message on email (kaiserbunker, I guess...) ?


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As a kid I had a model of 10.5 cm field gun, I believe it was made by Märklin or Elastolin. To load the piece you removed a breech block and filled a small cup with powder, placed a paper cap on the back of the block , and a BB into the breech. Replace the breech block and pull a string, this caused a hammer to strike the cap and fire the piece. Actually cut a couple of my toy soldiers in half with it.
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stuka f

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Must have been quiet something.
I got these one, working and shooting bullets.
But haven't try it yet...


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