Need advice or suggestions on moving loop


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I finally found a Baden frontplate. I knew the fastener loops wouldn't fit, but as hard as these Baden ones are to find, I got it anyway. My question is what is the easiest "good" way to get this to fit my helmet? Is it acceptable to move the loop and re-solder it on? Is there someone on the forum who is good at that and does that as a sideline? Is there another way to do it that won't ruin the helmet or frontplate? Is moving the loop going to hurt the value of the frontpalte a great deal? What do I do? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I am a novice, so unfamiliar with the ways.


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Dave, that is a good question from Gardist22, the wide number of manufacturers of both skulls and wappen makes interchangeability problematic - not to mention all the dubious things that can have happened to them in the years since they were made. Your wappen looks pretty good and solid as it stands, if it were mine I would not want to change its originality just to fit the skull you have - far better to scour around for ANOTHER wappen with loops at the correct spacing. If those good loops were missing from the wappen you have I would personally think it fair to fit new ones to complete your project - better some kind of wappen than none at all - but even then I would always know it wasn't really quite right!
Buying 'blind is always a bit of a lottery so keep looking - always asking the seller about the loop spacing measurements- you will find the right one eventually, it just takes time!
Good luck, Steve


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I don’t ever move wappen loops but I do replace them if they are missing. Years ago Tony told me when doing so to remove all old solder. However, being lazy I just clean the oxidation off the original solder both on the plate and on the loop. Then I dip the loop feet in flux and apply heat to solder them back into position. This has worked for me. So Dave, I would support Steve’s advice.....look for another plate.


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Thank you for the replies. The helmet is heavily marked inside to a Baden unit, etc. Finding another is, of course, the hard part. I will take your advice to heart and keep looking and as a last resort, move the loop. Thank you for the good advice.


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I think that such old things must deserve enough respect not te be changed. But that´s only my two cents...