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I need information on a Prussian observer,Richard Freiherr von Canstein. Would like to know more about his time in service! What fleiger-abteilung he was assigned. Is there a website or other site that I might go to to find out more about this person?? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Dick Roback


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Checked my Ranglist 1914-1918. Lists a Freiherr von Canstein wounded at the Argonne Forest in 1914 with IR 144, but does not list hist first name. Other von Canstein’s listed did not survive the war.
Also check my reference on Jasta’s, but they only list pilots, not observers. Checked anyway, but no von Canstein listed.

Good luck with your search

Thank you Sandmann for the great information!! Just what I was looking for, as I have recently purchased his observer badge. Cheers Dick