New Fakes - British and Ottoman Headgear


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I'm posting these as both have the look of being made by the same individual(s). I believe both are fake. First up is a British Foreign Service Helmet that was at Show Of Shows (SOS) in 2015.

It is my opinion that someone tried to make a K-Pattern (as seen here:" onclick=";return false;). The liner is wrong - the buckram looks like it was just randomly folded and not done with a machine. The foil lining wasn't ever used on colonial pattern helmets, but I think is there to hide the stitching on the inside of this helmet.





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This is the Ottoman Kabalak, and it has been offered to a few individuals. I hope I don't stir the pot too much, but my feeling (among others) is that it isn't real. I personally believe it is a fake Turkish style hat built over a replica British sun helmet.

The spike is all wrong, the shape isn't right. What is really interesting is that both the British helmet and this one are so dirty. As my wife offered, "there is more dirt than desert" in either one. This is the dip in mud technique to create age. But it is like dipping a white towel in mud. It doesn't make it look old, just dirty.