New member . Let me introduce myself


Hello everyone, dear colleagues!
I am interested in the history of the WW1 and the WW2. Besides this, I`m interesting in German`s colonial troops in Africa.
I am a WW1HA member.
I collect shoulder straps of the German and Russian armies.
I used to collect pickelhaube, and I even have one left somewhere - it was found on the battlefield and restored. Now I collect photos of pickelhaube :)
I am very glad that I found this forum (through an internet search). I have been visiting the forum without registration for about a year, and now I have decided to register.
About shoulder straps.
I am particularly interested in the shoulder straps of the Bavarian Army WW1, regiments from Hessen WW1, and the straps of German pilots WW1. As for WW2 I`m interesting in the straps of gebirgsjager divisions and luftwaffe. Although I also collect other shoulder straps.
Hello and thank you all! I will be glad to communicate.

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Hello Reingold, welcome here! (y)
I already read all your posts about shoulderstraps, you have a very nice collection!

Best regards from the Netherlands, Coert.


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Welcome Reingold it is great to have you join us! Please post further photos of your collection. As fellow militaria collectors, we love to see and discuss pieces from members collections. 👍


Hi Gabe!
Thank you for your interest.
This is the ancient coat of arms of the Kurpfalz. It was a German state.