Ok, so here is something interesting. Great animation.


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What the heck is she sying .Looks like she has been given the tolkien version of Lord of the rings history in the 20th century.
Nice find.


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this is what she says:

The song relates to the 60th anniversary of the allied victory against the Germans in the second world war and contains a crude message against facism. Germans being represented by pigs, who – without any style and led by a poor little asshole (Hitler – really funny) – are being struck down by Glukozas forces. The videoclip quotes some of the latest special effects highlight US-blockbusters such as "Lord Of The Rings" or "Star Wars" and delivers some state-of-the-art 3D animation and a coherent storyboard with a lot of ironic side blows to Hitler and his army. Germans may not like to be presented that way, but in fact they deserve it.
This is the first page to present this videoclip, so drop a message in the discussion board as noone in the western world knows about this great act yet. See you there.

the unknown author