Old photos are gone, and new photos won't post


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I recently (yesterday) looked at one of the posts I wrote in the past and discovered that my photos are gone! I checked out a couple of my other posts and those photos are gone as well. I tried to write a short post just to see if I could add a photo and that doesn't work for me either. It seems that only my photos are affected, I can see everybody else's. I use Imgur as my photostorage website and I haven't had any issues with them at all --- until now. I thought that I may have inadvertently hit some setting button by mistake, but I cannot find the problem. Does anybody out there have an answer for this? I can't figure it out.



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I unfortunately had the same, after the photobucket disaster John.
Now it is possible to upload pictures from your own computer, with the change as XenForo is now the program as forum software.
Clicking on Attach files, below, you can simply upload photo's from your own PC here.
Deel 1.jpg
The photo posted above, is just taken from my own computer, using just the Attach files button, here below this post of mine.
I hope this helps you out John. You will see the Attach files button, if you start a new message by the way. Use that, and you can add pictures on your posting.
Have a nice sunday!

Regards, Coert.


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It‘s ridiculous. Imgur banned explicts images on its plattform this month, so I think this could be a reason for it. Unfortunately, there is always a problem that some peoples see images of military headgear as a glorification of violence. Especially when it comes to German helmets, because German history is inherently evil.