Opinions - 1870 EK1


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Opinions? Value?

Is it a replacement Jeweller's copy?




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Hi Peter, I'd be careful with this one.
I think this is a reproduction.
It looks very thick, few details and the "bows of the arms" at the bottom right of the last photo are uneven.
Also, I think "800" means the silver content...and this EK doesn't look like it was made of silver.
Not to mention the "special" closure that comes across as very clumsy and fragile...
Made it almost superfluous...but those are my thoughts


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Thanks. The owner said he bought it in Vienna about 20 years ago and was told it was an old jeweller replacement.

Tony without Kaiser

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Peter it doesn’t matter what the person selling it tells you. You have to use your own knowledge. I collected EK for over 25 years and I wouldn’t go near an 1870 EK1. They are extremely rare works of art and you can spot the countless fakes if you know what to look for. If you’re going to make any EK purchase I cannot stress enough that you need to make an investment and obtain a copy of The Iron Time by Stephen Previtera. If you don’t have this incredible reference, you are flying blind.



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Thanks Tony.

As I really know nothing about the 1870 EK1, I thought I would post this here and this is exactly the kind of information I am after.

It was offered to me and knowing that I know nothing, and did think it looked rather strange, I was after information. I am not thinking of buying it but was curious to see if it might be real and what jeweler's copies might be worth as well.

I will definitely be getting that book!



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Yes it looks like a great book - of course doing some looking around it looks like that book costs as much as an Iron Cross now.....



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I have learned through hard experience that good reference books pay for themselves in the long run.
Best regards,
You are 100% correct. The operative word is "Good". There are several coffee table books out there that have beautiful photos but offer absolutely no information. A combination of older publications and newer publications along with internet research generally provides the required information.