Our Fearless Leader is injured


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Good news Brian! When you are in your usual surroundings it will help you recover easier too. Home is were the heart is!

Regards, Coert. 👍


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Great news, Brian. I hope your journey is pain free and you have a speedy recovery!
All the best,


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Hey Brian, the easiest way to remove the staples is schedule yourself for an MRI, those suckers will pop right out. Travel safe, at least you can get through TSA now with out a body cavity search because of the artificial joint.


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Surgical staples are out. First physiotherapy appointment tomorrow. I am getting stronger and more mobile each day. Looking at all of Steve’s new helmets also helps! 😊 My thanks to everyone for their best wishes. 👍
PS: Yes Bruno, the sterile conditions and surgical equipment were certainly better than those shown in your photo! There were also no butchers aprons and everyone wore a mask!
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