Paperback verlag cavalry book?


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I was looking for a used copy of The German Cavalry 1871 1914, online. Several places I found it offered as a paperback. So now I am wondering, did they ever come out with a paperback version of this book? I thought they were all hard cover.


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I've only seen it offered in hardcover. Its a great reference! Mine is constantly open

Tony without Kaiser

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Andrew do yourself a favour and spend the money to obtain the hardcover. A paper back version from eBay likely was made on a photocopier. As Bob said (and anyone who has these books will back me up) these books are an excellent investment. Yes they are expensive but they are worth every cent. I have all of them (Infantry, Pioneers, Artillery etc) and they are invaluable.
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I second that. I never saw paperbacks being sold by Verlag Militaria. They only sell them as hardcover. As Tony stated, those books are really a good investment. I also have most of them now, but get a genuine hardcover. They are worth a lot more (in knowledge) than what they sell for.


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Just like Tony, mine are all in hardcovers. I ordered pioneer, calvary, infantry, arterilly all in direct from the publisher so shipping was much more reasonable