Part of My Iron Cross Collection


I bought this recently from a dealer in Germany I have done business with for years, the idea being to sell it. Sometimes these things dont work out, or arne't meant to be, and that is my excuse. The soldier concerned won the EKI and EKII, survived the war and was still in the army in 1919. The back of the cabinet photo is dated 1919, sadly there is no other information available. The medals are all in really good condition as is the ribbon bar, and the uniform button.

The one thing that is slightly odd about this lot is the lack of war association medal or Hamburg or Bremen Hanseatic Cross and more latterly as post 1933 the Austrian painter banned these associations; the Hindenburg Honour Cross that was their state sponsored replacement. Most of the lots I have collected or sold always have this link, which makes this all the more interesting.

For example one EKII sold recently had the picture of the NCO and his family, His EKII medal, black wound badge, Hanseatic medal, he died in 1931, order of funeral service, obituary in the local newspaper and black widows Honor Cross awarded to his widow in 1935 by the state.

Anyhow I hope you find this interesting and I will post more from time to time.

I'm off to learn more about pickelhaubes and how to care for my first pickelhaube which I have now had for 3 days!!!


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Very nice example of an EK Group. Getting the photo of the vet and medals attributed to him.
Thank You