Patriotic armband, bracelet.


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Correct, his website is usually under maintenance on Wednesday, he is updating his website. I have got an email showing the preview for this evening. As I subscribed to his site, as a customer.
But it is not an auction, just an update of the newest things he is selling on his site. I check his updates every wednesday.
I have recieved a couple of photo's, showing a lot of nice ww1 items.
By the way, I have no connection whatsoever with him.
But if I were you, check his site sometime after 18:00 cet. Some things sell really fast, and some don't.
Also some Pickelhaube parts are new. And he does send to the US or UK.

Regards, Coert.
So I ended up getting a Patriotic Bracelet.

I liked this one because of the personal touch with the inscription. I hope Oskar made it through the war.

Thanks for letting me know about the site and the items.



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Very nice bracelet Peter,
The bracelet looks a lot like mine!
KP Emig has his updates every wednesday, so check them out. Not always ww1 things there, but he has nice items for sale.
My bracelet also has the name of a soldier on it. And I also wondered if he had survived all that.
These items are really very personal.

Regards, Coert.