Pickelhaube Preussen M 1891


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Good luck for your bid. We always do our best to help and I'm sure in this case you won't regret an eventual buy (y)


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I agree with Sandy on this fully. A very nice helmet, makers stamp is there, A Wunderlich Berlin, date stamp is there, 1913, Bekleidungsamt stamp is readable and present. And it is unit marked as well IR 152. And the interior of it looks minty, even the drawstring is present. Chinstrap and kokarden are originals. There is only a little damage to the top of the spike, but you see that often. This is caused by somebody dropping the helmet on it's spike.
Dear Gentlemen,

I am fascinated, somewhat surprised and intimidated (as a newbie in the world of historical militaria) by the atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect on this forum.

A rare climate when the destruction of authorities is common around and civilization devours its tail......

Thank you all.


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A very complete piece with excellent markings and in great condition! Good luck in your bidding and welcome to the forum! 👍