Pickelhaube Unit I.D.


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Hello all,
I got my first haube a couple of years ago. There is a nice stamp on the rear. P.R. 30. Can anyone help with the unit ID of it? Thanks. :?
I have a couple of photos of my haube. But, I don't know how to upload them to the site.
Hello Cliff: Look closely at the marking in your helmet and see if it is P.B. 30 instead of P.R. 30 and if the metal trim on the helmet is brass, silver or painted gray? If it is P.B. 30 and the metal trim is either silver or painted gray the helmet is from Pioneer Battalion 30. The official title of the unit is 3 Rheinish Pioneer Battalion Nr. 30. The unit was raised in 1913 and garrisoned in Ehrnebreitstein (8th army corps).



I have seen his Haub and it is clearly a PR 30 . Maybe it has been overmarked . It is an M15 Helmet .Not trying to argue ,just get an answer for Cliff. The maker's name is in the top just need a Buclear microscope to view the first few letters.


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Thank you for all the info. I forgot to mention that it has the maker stamp inside of Maury & Co. Mainz.

How do you put a photo from your computer to your posting??? :???:

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Concerning the P.R. 30 marking on a M1915 helmet, it may actually be Pioneer Regiment 30. Upon mobilization at the beginning of the war the 8 fortress battalions which existed in peacetime were expanded into 10 poineer regiments numbered 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 and Bavarian. In 1917, the original pioneer regiments were converted back to battalion size units.
The source for this information is the British Handbook of the German Army in War dated April 1918.

Inreresting helmet.



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R1 the PR marking info comes from the early Noll book. Of course that is weapon oriented and there are surely differences as we have seen. I didn't see the Festung regiment change in the Ruhmeshalle so I VERY hesitently turned to Cron.

For once I was pleased. It entirely sypported your data and gave the reorg as a War Ministry Directive of 24/1/1917 #105. The regiments were designed for siege purposes. Once the forts were reduced the various commands ripped off the Regimental Commanders as staff officers.

Learn someting every day! I didn't know about those guys and why are they not in the Ruhmeshalle?

So it could be Pioneer regiment 30! Interesting little mark.