Pointed helmets with Guard-Star without being of the Guard.


Good morning all,
I am submitting to you today 3 spiked helmets, bearing a Guard-Star, and yet none of them belong to the Prussian Guard.

From left to right :

--- The one on the left, which looks like a Garde-Grenadier is a Landgendarme marked L.G. and its region number. (here, on foot, because there is the same for the mounted gendarme, in this case identical to the Dragon Guard.)

--- The one in the center, who looks like a Linien-Infanterist with Guard-Star is marked USB, instructor at the NCO school in Berlin.

--- The one on the right, which looks like what a GFR, GPB or 1GRzF reservist could be if it had existed is a Reserve-Landwehr from Eisenbahn-Regiment 3, received at B.A. VIII. (and not at B.A.G. or K.B.A.G.)

Occasionally I will develop each of them in a specific post.


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Nice post .Thanks for the photo .I look forward to seeing each one
at it's own posting .
What does U. S. B. stand for ?
Can helmet # 3 be from any Prussian Garde Regt. with silver trim
IF they had Landwehr units ? without the Rang list I don't know which
units did .
Steve McFarland


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Steve, USB should stand for Unteroffizier Schule Berlin (nowadays, it is rather Universal Serial Bus...)


Hello Steve,

thank you,

I hope I understood the questions.

--- USB = Unteroffizier-Vorschule Berlin. This marking is not common because the helmets of this school were not numerous.

--- Regarding the helmet N ° 3, to my knowledge, the 2 Garde-Reserve-Régiments, the 2 Garde-Grenadier-Landwehr-R, and the 2 Garde-Landwehr-R, all wore helmets with brass fittings and eagle (golden) to the mobilization. I don't know if there was a Reserve or Landsturm Garde-Pionier-Bataillon. So a priori with the eagle of the Guard in nickel-silver silver and the LWK in gilded brass could only belong to the Reserve-Landwehr-Eisenbahn.


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I have this one on a Saxon helmet (No 'B' of course!). Don't worry about the SaxNCO, it's just a way to organize the file and has not special meaning beyond that.

:D Ron


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I believe the U.S.B. marking indicates the NCO school at Biebrich. The school was opened in 1867 and in 1914 moved to Wetzlar. See Das Deutsche Heer, volume 1, page 246 and Militaerische Kopfbedeckungen der Kaiserzeit by Reiner Hermann, page 154.


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I have an M15 with guardstar, which did not belong on a Guard regiment.
It is marked ER3, Eisenbahn regiment 3.
Also marked EBK 10. On the visor, so, Eisenbahn Regiment 3, eisenbahn bau kompagnie 10. It probably never saw action on the frontlines, but it does have a gardestar on it.


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Yes, Coert, the Prussian Verkehrstruppen (railways, automobiles...) wore the Guard eagle with the star on their helmet. They did belong to the Garde Korps. I showed one not long ago, marked to Kraftfahr-Batl. (KB).


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it is my understanding that the Eisenbahn units were Garde muster .They wore Garde Waffenrocks
and Garde helmets .I guess not "official " on Garde units list ? I think their Fahnentrager wore Garde
muster ringkragen .
That is a very nice Feldgrau Kammer helmet that you have .
I have a pre war nickel silver helmet with Kammer stamp to an Eisenbahn unit .
Four of the Eisenbahn Batls carried what I call a Prussian Muster flag .
It was the same flag carried by the Garde Pioneer Batl.
The batls. were ; E R 1 / I B ; E R 2 / I B ; E R 3 / I B ; Eisenbahn Batl. 4
here is the flag which was removed from it's pole
SteveEisenbahn flag McFarland Collection.jpeg
E B flag center  McFarland.jpeg


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The railroad was a relatively new technology and got a very important position in the mobilization. That was probably the reason for the special recognition with the features of the Guard Pioneers. But that also applied to the other new technologies. As same as the railway troops, the telegraph- and the airship-troops wore features of the Guard Pioneers.
A beautiful flag, thank you very much for sharing (y) :)