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Brian, I appreciate your commitment, but reading, and hopefully understanding your post, you would be personally charged for getting a fee here?
On your income tax?


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This means, I will donate more. I will not let my friends, and this forum get in any problems, I am here almost everyday, get a lot of knowledge here, and, most of all, I get to see a lot of nice helmets, and the history and provenance behind them.


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Coert, thanks for your comments, we do have a great forum here. I do not know yet whether my government will see this as taxable money or not. Tony thinks that as the forum is like a “collector club” there will be no tax charged. However, I will speak to my accountant who does my income taxes and find out for certain. Joel our tech support did tell me I needed a PayPal business account in order to collect the yearly fee. We shall see.......
Hello Brian, I would like to get in touch with you about restiching the front visor on a tschapka also i would be happy to make a contribution to the site. Please email me at [email protected] Thank You Alan Gearhard


Amazing value for $20US count me in

Could I make an observation my daytime job is still IT Director of mid sized multi-national so I have some experience of problems of spammers etc

One way to stop the pickelhaube collection guy and the subsequent issues with bleach in the eyes, the inevtiable spam for adult movies is to make the first 5 or so posts from new members to be moderated before they can appear. This has fixed spam issues on a number of sites like this. Its more work for the moderators but then it always is.

Some BBS/Forum packages also allow a word filter but these can be a nightmare to maintain from a support perspective. There is also the issue if they look for a character string within a word insted of in isolation.

Just a though yoy may find useful


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Thank you for these suggestions. Tech support has placed some restrictions on new members including the use of the PM feature. A certain number of posts have to be made before that becomes available. Another addition, is a program which blocks spammers who have been identified as such on other sites. Tony tells me that spam has been drastically reduced now that we have moved the forum to this new platform. Obviously, we will monitor this and see how things go.


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I appreciate all members comments above and hopefully, this will be my last post on the issue other than to inform everyone of the date where a yearly fee will be charged. There are several reasons for this change:
I hate asking people for money, that’s why I didn’t ask for donations for a decade.
We need to stop the spam problem and relieve Tony of deleting them everyday.
Monies collected will allow me to pay tech support and insure that problems are identified and fixed quickly. Naturally, there will also be an extra tech fee for monetization.
There is a yearly cost for this XenForo platform.
I have always felt that it was very unfair that we have 4K+ members and that the same “few” donated year after year.
Some additional costs.....I will have to open up a PayPal business account to collect the fee. PayPal is infamous for using every opportunity to grind out profit. Even though I will be happily surprised if even 20 members commit, I would assume that this amount has to be claimed on my personal income tax. So friends, I am not out to gouge anyone. Let’s get on with our hobby.
Brian ;
What is your Pay -Pal address ?

Tony without Kaiser

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Steve brought up a very good point.

Why is there not a big DONATE on top of the main Forum home page? If people have to look for it, they won’t donate.

You are losing money to help you pay the hosting fees and Joel who probably doesn’t work for free and does an excellent job.

Or am I not seeing it? On Kaiser’s Bunker there is an obvious Donate button on the Home Page.

At least three people have seen it (laugh icon as I cannot find that either)


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Ok, good point, I will email Joel to see if he can add that and no he doesn’t work for free. 😊