Prussian EM M95.


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My small, but steadily growing collection so far:

This weekend is a large militaria fair again, so I might score a nice haube there.
And, in 2 months time a very large fair again.. :)

Greetings, Coert. :thumb up:


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Interesting helmet!
It seems it was first issued to the TB8 (VIII AK) because it still has the screwable spike for parades. Then the marking TB8 has been cancelled and the helmet probably moved to the JR29 (and not JR27). JR27 was part of the IV AK but JR29 part of the VIII AK as the TB8 :wink:



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I just inspected the markings more, wetted it and under a much brighter light.
You are right, as usual.. :wink:
The marking is indeed 29R, as you stated. So for JR29. The spike is indeed screwable, I had the same idea it was first TB8 , and later got transferred to another regiment, as you say. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the nice comments on it guy's, I am very happy with the helmet. :)

Greetings, Coert. :thumb up:


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Thanks guy's, I am very happy to have bought it.
Yes Matthew, if it only could talk..

By the way, I said earlier, that I might find another haube at the militaria fair today..
I did, just got back home with a Württemberg M95.
In fact, I owned this exact helmet before, but sold it when things were not so good 2 years ago.
Now it's back with me again! \:D/

Have a nice sunday everyone!

Greetings, Coert. :thumb up:


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How great is that having the chanse to buy the helmet back that you had to let go in worst times only having it buy back in better times ... like it was ment to be
What is not to love on sutch helmet with so mutch markings in it