Prussian Landwehr Wappen


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A short post comparing a Prussian Landwehr officer wappen with an issued OR's.
First the officer....for new collectors, note the absence of the Vaterland Bandeau. This motto is on the neusilber cross for all Prussian Landwehr.
In this example, we have 4 holes punched into the eagle breast and 4 prongs inserted to attach the silver cross. There is also a drop of solder here to further secure the prongs. Again for new collectors, note the pierced crown only found on officer wappen and the gold wash which has been added to the piece indicating a higher quality private purchase wappen. Last the soldered screw posts, tin washers and square brass nuts all typical of an officer wappen. There are originals though, with steel nuts.
The landwehr OR helmet plate. In this case the outline of the cross on the bird is part of the original stamping.
The reverse showing 4 holes in the stamping and 4 drops of lead solder holding the cross on. New collectors....the crown is solid and we have soldered brass loops to attach the bird to the helmet shell. Last, take note of the patina on 100+ year old solder and the puddle of solder around each loop. They did not have the tools needed to solder precisely as we have today.


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Correct, no differences, except of course the officer has prongs on the back. I have a couple of separate reservist neusilber crosses which I will post as well.


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... thanks Brian for informative post!

... and from my greatgranduncle: 2 holes punched into the eagle breast and 2 prongs inserted to attach the silver cross.


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As promised, some photos of the LW crosses on their own. I have both the 4 prong and the 2 prong, neusilber and brass. I bought these at the SOS several years ago.
The measurement scale is in CM.
I bought these in hopes of completing this Garde officer wappen which has no bandeau and thus according to regulation should have a reservist cross of some sort.
Where would even a small reservist cross go on this Garde wappen??


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Thank you both for posting these examples, now I know where the cross would be placed. Obviously, a couple of holes would have to be drilled for the prongs. I am not sure that I want to do that. I will have to think about this.


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A Dragoner Landwehr Officer wappen:
This is a very thin light stamping.
Drilled holes and 2 prongs bent back....unusual not to have a couple of drops of solder to secure those prongs.
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Tony without Kaiser

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The Dragoner pattern eagle Wappen with silver Landwehr cross, is of course, Landwehr Cavalry Officer.

The nice Garde helmets shown, and Brian's Wappen (-cross) are not Landwehr. They are Garde Reserve officers.