R36 Uberzug

For me, the GR 7 needs in 1911 some Uberzugs for some men of the 7/GR 6...

There is no logical relation between GR 7 and RIR 76...We could understand that GR 7 does not want such old M92 Uberzug.
Francois, why are you always speaking about GR7? :unsure: We have here two helmet covers of the RJR46/GR6.
Argonne could too speak of a Pio Bat 16 helmet which was use after the death of its owner in septembre 1914 in Argonne by RJR 234 in october 1914 in Flandern.
Not RJR234, but RJR236 ;) You should know that better than I 😁. You are owning such a beautiful Überzug of this unit 🤩🤩🤩
Well it has only taken 13 months for me to reply to the request for a photo. Sorry, there was a point last year I was having an issue with the site and I never saw the request.


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