Rare Saxon Field Artillery Regt 28 shoulder strap Feldgrau


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Just in yesterday a Rare single shoulder strap for Saxon Field Artillery Regt 28. The strap still retains
the Russian cypher .Before the cypher was awarded to the regiment it wore the # 28 . The cypher was awarded late
and worn only until the war started with Russia . At that time the regiment went back to wearing the # 28 again .
After the pre war Saxon straps with the square tops for enlisted men the straps took on a new look with the pointed ends
for Feldgrau and even the Friedensrock straps .
SteveSaxon F A R 28.jpeg
Very nice, any idea what year they were awarded the cypher? I had no idea the Saxons dropped the square ends for the feldgrau uniforms
Brian ;
I will look it up .I am sure that that info is in Mike Kelso's book on I G shoulder straps
From memory I think it was sometime in 1914 .What is hard to find is the pre war enlisted
green strap with the Russian cypher FAR 28 .I know of only 3 examples in this country
I have the officers examples .I just put these on the scanner to show the cyphers and the Russian crowns .
The strap on the left has red underlay .The one on the right has white underlay .Note the difference in the crowns
for the same regiment.

SteveF A R 28 cyphers and crowns.jpeg
Brian there’s no such thing as a squared Feldgrau strap. The entire confederation adopted the M1907 slip on Feldgrau strap with pointed end.
Ahh, more standardization along Prussian lines. 😊 Beautiful cyphers on those Officer straps Steve.
Brian ;
Here is another FAR28 with piping . According to Mike Kelso's book "Under Arms for the Kaiser ;
shoulder straps of the I G Army regiments 1871 -1918 " The cypher of Czar Nicholas II
was awarded 19 June 1914 and discontinued in 1917 on page 365 , so only worn for a brief time .
The regiment was raised in 1872 and was with the XII A K Garrison was Bautzen .
Tony S. has 1 of the 3 e m pre war straps that I know of .Maybe he will post it for us .Tony also has
a Saxon FAR 28 e m Waffenrock with the # 28 shoulder straps .
SteveFAR 28  F G w p.jpeg
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Steve, the strap on the left looks like the Russian crown, and on the right looks like the Austrian crown?
Steve, the strap on the left looks like the Russian crown, and on the right looks like the Austrian crown?
Yes , the crowns are different
I think a mistake by the tailor who supplied the straps
Also , one has white underlay and the other red underlay
I have that General's strap for GGR # 2 which has the wrong crown also