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Life size statue by Andy Edwards, 2014, entitled "All together now". In memory of the Christmas truce1914, it now stands in the grounds of St Luke's Church Liverpool City, destroyed in the May Blitz of 1941, after a time on display at Messines, close to where the no-mans-land football matches took place.
Very nice monument of understanding. I’m happy to live in a time when the European countries talk to each other rather than fight. Another thing I like is that this monument is a work of art, not like these modern monuments. (y)
I believe a smaller bronze version of this statue is now kept permanently in Belgium. I thought it worth showing here, where I have been lucky to meet a lot of decent, principled, people who I knew would appreciate its sentiment. When I first saw it I was just overcome by the feeling of seeing two young men tentatively sharing a moment of simple humanity when, just a day earlier, their job had been to kill each other. You are right Sandy, God willing, we will never see such a terrible waste of life again.
Judging by recent, and ongoing, events, it appears that the often used quotation "those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it" is far more true than any of us here would wish.
Well, today’s situation is a classic example of a warped human personality trying to turn back the passage of time to fit his perception of Russia’s glory days as he saw them. His recent garbled, twisted revisionist “Historical Excuse “ speech for this attack was pathetic. The free world needs to end this criminal dictator’s adventure just as we did Hitlers’.
Despite the laggardly and fragmented response from the various governments of europe it seems the "ordinary " people are making their opinions known : the international hackers group 'Anonymous' have seemingly taken out the web sites of the Kremlin, the RT propaganda tv station and the Ministry of Defence. APPLAUSE! One can only imagine the amount if vitriol spilling out from certain rooms of the Kremlin right now.
What is happening right now is, like WW2, a complete betrayal of the sacrifice of the young men portrayed in the statue of my original post, and I am outraged by it.
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