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US Sales ONLY - PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a firearm. This is a prop gun made by a company in the UK that supplies prop weapons to the movies and TV. It is however the best replica I've ever seen of a Lewis Gun - and unlike the foam ones made by Star Wars fans this one is extremely close to the original. At five feet it is quite impressive.

The receiver is solid aluminum, the barrel shroud is all metal and the top receiver is laser cut metal. The lower receiver including pistol grip is resin as is the stock. IMA has sold original stocks in the past and I think one could be added if desired. I will include an origin pinion assembly and a set of replica wooden grips, which can help dress this up. Included (where legal) is an original pan magazine that is undated but British marked. All in all this looks great.

I imported exactly TWO of these two summers ago and it was a huge pain, so I can't get any more. This would make a great placeholder for a real Lewis Gun (which is why I bought it). As I recently bought one I'm selling the replica for exactly what I have into it and I'll include free shipping in the USA. This is a far more affordable option as I paid nearly $7000 for the real Lewis Gun with dummy receiver and IMA gets $10,000+ on the rare occasions it sells a Lewis Gun. They haven't had one for sale in years that I know of.

While this isn't a real gun, sales are limited to the USA and please check local laws.
$1500 and I'll pay for the shipping.

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A few more. See the attached photo of the pinion and grips. Those are included with this sale.


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