Saxon Felt Cocardes


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Hey Guys ,

I picked up a Saxon felt that needed a little help.
It did not come with the cocardes.
The post on Saxon cocardes is still wiped out due to the photobucket debacle.
Because of being ersatz I would believe that it needs the saw teeth around the edges.

It seems that there are more smooth edged cocardes than saw tooth.
Would it be correct if I used a smoothed edged ?
The smooth Reichs cocardes are hard to come by because of this because of the ersatz can I get away with a saw tooth Reichs ?

Or should it be smooth with smooth and saw with saw ?


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I've seen the Saxon felt helmets with the smooth edge Saxon kokardes. The kokardes used on these felt helmets are also unusual in that we often times see them with the center attachment hole having a "V" shaped notch that enabled them to slip over the "V" shaped chinstrap & kokarde retainer on the M95 side posts.

I had a complete Saxon felt helmet that came out of the woodwork, and it had the smooth edge Saxon & National kokardes, and both kokardes had the same "V" notched center attachment hole on them. Unfortunately I sold that helmet along with 3-others in order to buy a Garde du Korps officer helmet to parade which I ended up selling within a year as well.

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I agree with Alan, but have seen both types on Felt helmets, IMO I think either way is fine. others may disagree...


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In my experience, the M91, M95 helmets are most often found with round kokarden and wartime felt helmets are most often found with the serated edge kokarden, but it's not a hard and fast rule. Given that the chinstraps and kokarden could come off the posts without much effort the serated edge kokarden (later war issue ) can be found on either helmet.