Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

Tony without Kaiser

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Very nice, OYV very hard to find. Great Wappen and 22nd overcoat strap too. Love it all!!

Actually they are both Dunkelblau (Dunkelgrün technically) straps for the Waffenrock. The PB22 is backed in dark green, so it is not for the Mantel. Issued straps are often enormous.

My Grandfather Walter Horn was inducted into the 1st recruit depot of the Ersatz-Pionier-Battaillon Nr.22which was located at Riesa Saxony. On July22 1917 he was transferred to Pionier (Mineur-) Kompagnie Nr. 323 Then on December 13 1918 was promoted to Gefreiter and on the next day awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class. I have his iron cross and Military Pass book. Thank You

Then these two M15 for Kgl. Sächs. 1. Pionier-Batl. Nr.12 (Pirna) XII Armee Korps and Kgl. Sächs. 2. Pionier-Batl. Nr.22 Riesa) XIX Armee Korps. would be what your Grandfather Walter wore.



I only have two of these Steins, I have sold a few and the thing I like is when you hold them up to the light there is a different picture in the base of each one. Could I ask and I realise its a tall order do you have idea how many different pictures your collection has? I've always thought it was such a neat touch.
Thank you very much, Tony I wasn't aware of that. Would a prewar Saxon Pionier Mantel have light grey backing? I have a few prewar waffenrocks but never saw a mantel.